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Every day there's something to do in Atlanta! I'm here to let you know where you can get litty in the city that ain't shitty! Especially if you are pretty! 

*Terms and Conditions May Apply

I do dope shit with dope people

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WE NEVER DELETE YOUR FLYER! (most social media promotional pages delete your flyer after 24 hours, at #ahnf we never delete so your investment goes further and you reach more potential guests. Promotions run Monday thru Friday of each week.

Social Media Promotion


flyer post on #ahnf stories


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Event flyer is posted during commercial breaks

On air shout out

on air event discription during #WHATSHAPPENINGINATL and flyer displayed  during the live stream

Campaign Rates

Monday - Friday                                          $150 ($30 per day)
Best rate for all markets. Become the topic of discussion on multiple platforms. Let everyone know what's poppin' in the ALT
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