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Music Is My Hustle

*Terms and Conditions May Apply


All Hustle No Fear is not just a show; it's a platform designed exclusively for entrepreneurs and independent artists. Why independent artists, you ask? Because we believe that independent artists are the epitome of musical entrepreneurs! At #AHNF, we have curated promotional packages specifically tailored to help artists market and promote their new music effectively.

Our Promotional Package Includes:

  1. Live Song Feature: Your song will be listened to live during our show, accompanied by a special shout-out to you as an artist. We'll also give your social media profiles a well-deserved promotional boost.

  2. Artist Shoutout on #AHNF Instagram Stories: We'll make sure our engaged Instagram audience gets to know you better by featuring you on our #AHNF Instagram stories. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain additional exposure and connect with potential fans.

  3. Social Media Promotion: Your cover art and song will be posted on All Hustle No Fear's official social media pages. This exposure will help you reach a wider audience and increase your visibility within the music community.

  4. Music Video Feature: Get ready to shine on our special segment, "Hoodz Muzic Mondaze," where we feature music videos. Your music video will be showcased during our YouTube/Facebook live stream's commercial break, giving our viewers a chance to enjoy your artistry visually.

Artists can also earn a spot in our rotation by engaging actively on social media platforms. The higher your interactions (likes, saves, shares, comments), the more likely you are to be added to our rotation for increased exposure.

At All Hustle No Fear, we are committed to providing music artists with widespread exposure across various channels. By promoting your music videos, not only will our radio listeners have the pleasure of hearing your songs, but our live stream viewers will also be able to watch and enjoy your music videos simultaneously. Moreover, our show is syndicated on popular podcast platforms such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, and iTunes, ensuring that your music continues to reach new listeners even after the live show concludes.

Please note that all music submissions must be radio edited for sound and adhere to a PG-13 rating.

So, if you're an independent artist ready to take your music career to new heights, look no further than All Hustle No Fear! We are dedicated to supporting your entrepreneurial journey in the music industry.

Keep hustling and making your mark!

-The All Hustle No Fear Team

No mainstream music only bangers from the streetz!

  • Join All Hustle No Fear Radio for maximum exposure:

  • Live radio airplay on HITS92.3, Monday-Friday 7-10 am EST.

  • Simultaneous live streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

  • Music videos showcased on Hoodz Muzic Mondaze (#ahnf social media).

  • Episodes are syndicated on popular podcast platforms and Roku tv.

  • Music must be radio edited (PG-13 OK).

  • Get your music heard by 35,000 monthly listeners and expand your reach across multiple channels. Join us on All Hustle No Fear and make your mark in the music industry!

We play the music you need to hear.
Submit your music now.

At AHNF we only play indie artists and we only play the bangers.

Fill out the following information to submit your music for promotion. We will not search for any missing information.​


1. Music must be radio edit version (pg 13 ok) We will not edit music for you and explicit music will be disqualified and fee will be refunded  

2.Music must be an mp3 file. Please include song name, artist name, artist Instagram/social media. (Include pronunciation)


​3.Cover art and caption for social media promotion.​

4.Music video Submission send youtube link. Include director, manager, and models social media info to be tagged for additional promotion.

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