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If you hate to read this is the book club for you!


Sounds weird but The hood Unicorn will keep you motivated and on track to read 24 books this year! Take the challenge to be a better than you were yesterday. Personal development, habit building, and building discipline is the goal of this club, are you up for the challenge?


A Fun, Educated Group

But First, The Rules

1. You must download Telegram and Zoom, this is how we will be communicating! We post daily conversations and discussions in telegram and monthly we meet on a Zoom conference for more in-depth conversations. 


2. Commit to the DAILY GOAL The goal is to read 10 pages per day, that's just 5 pages front and back! 70 pages a week. At this pace, we are set to read 24 books in just one year!


3. Subscribe to our monthly book club for only 4.99 a month and purchase the current read. (It's ok if you start in the middle of the book there are no spoilers! we only choose financial and self-development books! So Spoiler I'm a better person! lol)


4. Read before bed or when you wake in the morning to change your life one book at a time. reflect on what you read and pose discussion questions, post new vocabulary words, and more with the Hood Unicorn!

Make Sure Click Subscribe & Submit

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I love to read. I want to get my community to read with me! I always wanted a book club. So being about action, not suggestions I organized a personal development based book club for everyone to join and discuss books you can get on the website. 

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