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Networking is essential to business and when you do it correctly wonderful things can happen! A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to network with Lerae Funderburg. She gave me an amazing opportunity to do a interview with RollingOut Magazine.

The article was highlighting women for Women's International Month. I was asked my opinion about women's roll in society, as entrepreneus and mothers and more.

Below is the full transcript of the interview, and here is a link to the published article.

I'm so excited to do more interviews and podcasts with dynamic people and platforms in the future!


Women’s Month Feature Interview Questions

Writer Lerae Funderburg | Mar 13, 2022

Q:Please let our audience know what it is that you do and what prompted you to enter this line of business? A:My name is Sunshine Reigns aka The Hood Unicorn and I am owner and host of All Hustle No Fear Radio Show on Hits 92.3 ATL. I honestly fell into radio because the owner of the station, Kelz Mungin, is one of my really good friends. She felt as t

hough I did not need to be behind the chair (I am her hairstylist). She saw greatness in me. After some encouraging words I took the leap! Now here we are 3 years later! I started with a one day a week, 1 hour show. Now I’m on air 5 days a week as the station’s official morning show! Q:.How important is it for women to have a voice in your particular field? A: I really feel that terrestrial radio has typically been a male dominated field, but with the rise of internet radio and podcast platforms women's voices are stronger and louder than ever before! This is important because our stories need to be heard in our voice with our words, our opinions and our truths. Q:What are some of the main issues facing women of color and black women particularly? A: Unfortunately it seems as if black women have to live and reside in the space that society sees fit for them. Black women are multifaceted and diverse! We are everything from dancers to artists and entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, stay-at-home mom's, teachers and more. We are emo, hood, sophisticated. We are afropunk, weirdos and everything in between. We do not fit into a label. Unfortunately, it feels as though the world can only see black women in one light and one viewpoint. If we challenge the status quo, then obviously there must be something wrong with us. Or we must think we are better than someone else, or we have the "big head". This is very problematic. Hopefully I can help to change that narrative. Q:What are some things that you think women can/should do in order to uplift the black community?

A: Our community needs more black women speaking up and moving into positions of power. Those positions don't necessarily mean politics, they mean different positions where they can bring another black woman up, and put her in a position of power. Help make her great. We must teach each other how to navigate this world and swing the game in our favor more. I wish to help rewrite the narrative: Let me be my sister's keeper. Q: What are some challenges you face as a black woman in the workplace? A: As a black woman in radio and in the morning show spot, the expectation is that I'm supposed to be the cookie cutter image of what morning radio is. BUT I'M NOT! All Hustle No Fear is an after dark morning show with adult conversations and topics like science investing current events and motivation. I am creating my own lane and I believe my followers are enjoying the ride! Q: What have you learned about yourself in doing this type of work? How has it changed you (if at all)? A: More than anything through this whole process I have learned that I am consistent and this is an advantage. That strong values and a core business ethos will make you stand out among the crowd. I’ve learned that it takes 10 years to become an overnight success and most outsiders never see the hard work, tears, lost friends and sleepless nights. Most people will see the success as luck. They don't realize the process made my progress. Not luck. I now understand that my voice is one that needs to be heard. My story and journey allows other people to be inspired and to be filled with hope and hopefully the motivation to be better. I want everyone who listens to #AHNF feel free to live unapologetically and authentically themselves. Q: What are your thoughts on the woman’s role within the family unit? A: Being a woman, an entrepreneur and a mother and running a family is such a difficult task when you add society's pressures of what a mother is supposed to look like, how she's supposed to act and the things that she is supposed to do, it becomes even harder. Now add the fact that black women are not allowed to show any weakness, and it becomes extremely unattainable. Men have the luxury of being able to have a family and goals and ambitions. But, society makes women feel as though the end all be all for women is motherhood. I don't believe this narrative. I believe as a woman if you really want to show your children how to be successful and happy, the you have to be active in your community and to have leadership roles. You have to SHOW THEM what this looks like. Success is not something that you can tell someone to do. As a mother of 2 kids, a wife and entrepreneur I do not want to live vicariously through my kids' triumphs, successes and achievements. I want to have my own, and use them as a guide for my children to follow. Q: What are some of your goals or plans for the near future? A: World domination! LOL! Sunshine Reigns for president 2050.

Q: What else would you want people to know about you or your work, or anything else you want our audience to know in general? A: All Hustle No Fear is live on Hits 92.3 Atl Monday through Friday from 7 to 10 AM EST. We will wake you up in a positive motivational comedic way. You can download the app in the iTunes or Google play store or you can watch live on the Hits 92.3 Facebook page or All Hustle No Fear’s YouTube channel. Visit to book the Hood Unicorn, schedule your interview and get more details on advertising with us.


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