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Seaux9: Unveiling the Hustle Behind Killer Tracks, Streaming, and More!

INTRO P2 - Seaux9 999

Welcome to "The Business Behind the Music," where we unlock the secrets and strategies that drive musical success. In this edition, we're thrilled to have rising star Seaux9 join us for an exclusive Q&A! Buckle up as we dive deep into his process, from crafting electrifying beats to navigating the complexities of the industry.

AHNF: Seaux9, your music hits you right in the feels. Walk us through your creative process – are you a beat-first or lyrics-first kind of artist?

Seaux9: The beat sets the foundation! I groove on it until the hook emerges, then build the verses. Rough drafts get polished, lyrics recorded directly into the drum machine, and sometimes collaborations with friends add that special touch. It's an ongoing refinement until the track shines like a diamond.

AHNF: Streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are crucial for discovery. How do you make your music resonate with the right listeners?

Seaux9: Honestly, I'm prioritizing a different approach. Instead of the streaming model, I'm focusing on direct-to-consumer sales, connecting with my fans on a deeper level.

AHNF: Music videos bring your music to life. Do you have a clear vision for the visuals, or do you collaborate with directors?

Seaux9: My creative fire hasn't reached music videos yet, but a music film is brewing! Stay tuned for that visual storytelling experience.

AHNF: Collaboration can be magic. Tell us about your past collaborations and the lessons learned.

Seaux9: Artists like Sheriese Nicole, Light Worker Wayne, Cojo, and Odinero have all left their mark. It's about learning from each other, pushing boundaries, and creating something truly unique.

AHNF: Let's talk merch! Do you offer CDs, vinyl, or other tangible ways for fans to support your music?

Seaux9: Watch out for a unique, state-of-the-art CD! And vinyl pre-orders are open – own a piece of the music you love.

AHNF: The music industry can be shrouded in mystery. What are some common misconceptions you'd like to debunk?

Seaux9: Don't underestimate the power of dedication and craft! Don't let negativity silence your voice. Make the music that resonates with you, not trends. Your talent is meant to shine!

AHNF: Seaux9, leave your fans with a message to fuel their creative journeys!

Seaux9: Mind over matter! Believe in yourself, and anything is possible. Keep pushing, keep creating, and remember, your music has the power to move


From crafting beats that move the soul to navigating the industry with fresh perspectives, Seaux9 offers valuable lessons for any aspiring artist.

His words remind us that there's no set formula for success. Whether you favor building a direct-to-fan ecosystem or leveraging streaming platforms, staying true to your artistic vision and constantly honing your craft is key. The music industry may be complex, but it's also full of opportunities for those who are willing to learn, collaborate, and push boundaries.

So, fellow music enthusiasts, let Seaux9's insights be your springboard. Don't be afraid to experiment, embrace collaboration, and most importantly, believe in the power of your music to connect with the world. Remember, as Seaux9 so eloquently states, "mind manipulates matter." If you set your intention and dedicate yourself to your passion, you can truly achieve anything.

Now, get out there, chase your musical dreams, and remember, "The Business Behind the Music" is always here to guide you on your journey. Until next time, keep creating, keep inspiring, and keep your fire burning bright!

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