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Monday Night Social Networking with the Culture


Monday nights are for networking and music. All Hustle No Fear was representing Hits92.3 to the fullest. Pals Lounge served the vibe and as always @dj_bjonez @lyric_is_um & @yungegoworld DELIVERED.

Mondays are for networking, brand building, and artist development!


Artist Spotlight

Sky Hy @sky_hy Sky Hy is an alternative rapper in the Atlanta scene, his music can be categorized in the pop-singer genre just as easily. Either way, you feel the music in your bones. Creating non-misogynistic music without violent lyrics and drug references is achieved gracefully by Sky Hy. On stage, his presence is comfortable and energetic! Look for more from Sky Hy in his upcoming project Black Loving.

You can also see and hear his music played on All Hustle No Fear!


Artist Spotlight

Rope Da KKomposer @ropedakkomposer

Crowd energy and stage presence is the first thing that captivated me about Rope Da Kkomposer. An all-around Atlanta Renaissance man, this skill-based artist has a dope song with catchy lyrics. Dedicated to quality over popularity, expect to see more producer, writer, and engineer credits under Rope da Kkomposers belt.


Artist Spotlight

Brooke Legione @brookelegione

I witnessed such a unique sound come from Brook Legione. And Brooke came to ENTERTAIN! What can only be described as soul trap with an undertone of R&B Funk Brooke Legione had a commanding stage performance at Monday Night Social. Her lyrics come from the pain of previous bad relationships and create music that is relatable gritty and authentic.

Are you ready to promote your music to over 35k listeners and 20k followers on 7 different platforms? Schedule your interview today and chop it up with the Hood Unicorn in the Hits 92.3 studio! Each interview includes music video and song rotation! Book your interview by using the link below! Don't forget to network and follow All Hustle No Fear on Youtube and Instagram!



After your performance when giving your social media slow down and allow people to pull out their phones so that they can follow you!

Listen or watch All Hustle No Fear Monday thru Friday on Hits92.3Atl. Network with Hood Unicorn during Monday Night Social or visit

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