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Apphi For Andriod

As a content creator, I have had to fight the propaganda and belief that only an iPhone can create amazing content (the lies). That I would have to get rid of my beloved Android and become a part of the occult following of the ewwphone nation.

Luckily I am stubborn if nothing else, and I am absolutely positively disgusted by everything Apple and iPhone. This disdain has forced me to find competing apps and services made for android phones and not just catering to them ios idiots! My goal is to create beautiful content, edit my amazing videos, and increase my business's productivity all from my coveted android phone.

If you are still reading this and have lasted this long with all of my iPhone blasphemy this blog series is for you! I will help content creators find the best apps for recording video and audio content, editing, creating flyers, social media productivity, and business automation.

As a radio host of All Hustle No Fear on Hits92.3ATL I create over 25 hours of original content weekly! THAT'S A LOT OF CONTENT TO PRODUCE EDIT AND PROMOTE. I'm a mother, wife, and friend. I can't spend all my time on my devices. I rely on my apps to make my life just a little easier! My motto is I just wanna run my business and do ratchet shit with my friends dats. Check out this featured app that lets me do just that!

Featured app: Apphi App available on google play (of course) desktop and ios (don't care tho)

App features

Automatically Post Your Feed

Visually plan with Drag And Drop

Add People, Location, Hashtags To Auto Post

Set repeat time to post

Bulk schedule multiple photos and videos at once

Add first comment to post

Best time to post

Why I like it.

I cannot tell you how long I have had to search for an app that would automate my social media! I've tried different apps like hoot suite, But I had the same issue and complaint with all of them: They organized my social media to be posted, but it did not post for me! Instead, they sent me reminders to post, I cannot tell you how irritating this is! I didn't need a reminder app, I needed an app that did the work for me manually. Something that would manually post for me when I'm doing bald-headed hoe shit with my friends! This is why I love Apphi, it gave me the ability to decide what I wanted to post, and when I wanted to post it. The features are amazing because it allows me to add captions, add members to the staff without giving them my social media log-in information, post to multiple social media outlets, and more. A really big feature for me is once I upload my content to Apphi I can delete it from my phone! I no longer have to worry about hours of content taking up valuable space on my phone while I'm waiting to post.

Things I don't like, but it's ok….

I can't prove it, but I really feel like when you use 3rd party apps, Instagram will shadow ban you. Hear me out, Instagram's main purpose is to keep you on the app as much as possible, so if you have an app that is allowing you to post without actually being on the platform it works against Instagram's business model.

Even knowing this I don't care, I really don't care…

Is it free tho?

Baby when I tell you I am cheap, I am cheap! I have absolutely positively no problem paying for this app, TAKE MY MONEY! My freedom is very important to me, this app allows me to have more free time away from my device and spend time with my family and friends instead.

Where do I get it?

Apphi is available in the Android Google play store, and there is also a desktop version! Of course, if you are one of the many horrible ios cult members it is available on iPhone.

(But who really cares right? It's all about that #teamandriod)

To get the Apphi app click the link and save 10% when you sign up!

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Let's Network before you go!

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