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Thank you for joining #AHNF book club! You just leveled up!! I am a firm believer that reading is Fun2mental. We are here to encourage, inspire, entertain and educate the community and what better way to do it than BOOKS?!!!

Now that you're here let's get started!

If you haven't already, please download Telegram and you will be added to the group after you sign up.

This is how we will be communicating!

We are currently reading the #ahnfapproved Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Click the picture to purchase the book

The goal is to read 10 pages a day, 70 pages a week.

 At this pace, we are set to read 24 books in just one year!

 Build the Habit! Join us on Telegram for daily updates, and conversation.  Feel free to add your notes, new words with definitions, and conversations as well! Every Wednesday join #AllHustleNoFear on Hits92.3 for a live discussion and overview of last week's reading.  We'll be reviewing the previous 70 pages and answering all your questions!

Thank you, again for joining #ahnf's official Bookclub.

Let's get started!


To cancel your $4.99 monthly subscription please email  a week BEFORE your next payment.

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